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Character Information Empty Character Information

on Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:06 pm

Name (& pronunciation):
Date of Birth (& age):
Place of Birth:
Species/Racial Origin:
Social Class/Community Status:

Physical Description

Limb Dexterity:
Detailed Physical Description:
Typical Clothing/Equipment:


Skills/Talents (Non-Mutation Related):
Most Hated/Dislikes:
Philosophy of Life:
Education/Special Training:
Place/Type of Residence:
Academic Year:


Mutation Abilities:
Mutation Physical Attributes:
First Mutant Manifestation:
Training (If any):
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Character Information Empty Re: Character Information

on Mon Sep 03, 2018 10:45 pm
Name (& pronunciation): Noelle Scott

Date of Birth (& age): October 17th 1989 (20 years old)

Place of Birth: Portland, Maine

Gender: Female

Species/Racial Origin: Caucasian

Social Class/Community Status: Lower Middle Class

Language: English, ASL, can read in most western languages.

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother, And two younger sisters. Small black cat with extra toes named Glenn.

Physical Description

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 150 lbs

Hair: Mousey brown hair down to the small of her back with bangs.

Eyes: Dark coffee-brown eyes.

Detailed Physical Description: Noelle is tall and a little gangly, usually standing above her female peers. Her wide eyes are made even wider behind her circular glasses, which lie on top of her slender, flute-like nose. She has a few freckles across her nose and a small mouth with thin lips. Her neck is long, and her shoulders have a natural hunch. Noelle has thin arms and spindly fingers, which are always tightly holding onto something. With her long torso, small chest, and thin hips, she has the figure of a pre-pubescent boy who just hit a growth spurt. Lastly, she has a small half circle scar on the back of her neck.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Two styles of clothing- fuzzy sweaters and jeans with sneakers, or neat skirts and blouses with black flats. Always has a ponytail holder on the wrist in the event to put up hair. Always carries a leather messenger bag that contains her books.


Personality/Attitude: Painfully quiet and shy, she tends to fade into the background. She’s fairly pessimistic towards life and observes things around her.

Skills/Talents (Non-mutation related): Studious and a great problem solver. Also a great listener and fiercely loyal to those that she allows into her life.

Favorites/Likes: Warm tea, thick sweaters, rainy days, cold weather, good listeners, and cats.

Most Hated/Dislikes: Sweating, large crowds, judgmental people, spring allergies, people who say they are allergic to something when they really just don’t like it, and yelling.

Goals/Ambitions: To become one of the first mutant fiction authors.

Strengths: Highly intelligent and thoughtful. Observant, logical, and isn’t afraid to step back to see the full picture.

Weaknesses: Noelle tends to wilt in the spotlight and whenever anyone brings attention to her. She also is not great under pressure, and would rather sit far away and assess the full situation than be in the middle of the action.

Fears: Being laughed at, and failing.

Hobbies/Interests: Noelle loves to read and write. She also loves researching topics that interest her, and people watching.

Philosophy of Life: Knowledge is key.

Religion/Beliefs: Agnostic

Education/Special Training: General Education- public school.

Place/Type of Residence: Small Dorm room in Hawthorne Hall

Major: English with a concentration in Children's Lit

Academic Year: Freshman


Mutation Abilities: When Noelle reads things aloud, the words quite literally leap off the stage and come alive. The words dissolve from the page and manifest themselves in front of her. The words cannot be handwritten by her, nor anyone else. The older the book, the longer and more real the manifestation.

Mutation Physical Attributes: When she reads aloud, grey smoke pours from her mouth.

First Mutant Manifestation: In fourth grade, Noelle was asked to read a passage about a rainforest in front of her class, which caused the jungle to literally appear in the classroom. The principal called her mother and from that moment on, Noelle and her family did everything they could to prevent Noelle from manifesting.

Training (If any): No official training, but Noelle often practices her abilities in the quiet comforts of her room.

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Character Information Empty Tobi

on Tue Sep 04, 2018 12:35 pm

Name (& pronunciation): Tobias “Tobi” Rudolf Maynard
Date of Birth (& age): November 13th, 1986. 23 years old.
Place of Birth: Mount Airy, North Carolina
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Caucasian
Social Class/Community Status: Lower Class
Language: English, ASL
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: He has a father, mother, and a twin sister. His parents, he assumes, are alive. His sister has a job with the Parks Services and is currently watching his dog, a massive Newfoundland named Sunshine.

Physical Description

Height: 5'11"
Weight:190 lbs
Hair: His hair is a tangled mess of dark brown curly locks. He hasn’t trimmed it in quite a while so it stands up in a frizzy halo around his head and adds a few more inches to his height, making him appear taller than he actually is.

Eyes: Cold, slate grey irises offset by dark, halfmoon bags under his eyes.

Detailed Physical Description: Tobi is a tall and solid young man with an unkempt appearance that belies a hidden, wiry strength in his broad-shouldered frame. He’s grown up in the Appalachian Mountains and worked every day of his life either hunting, fishing, or working around the house. He’s deeply tanned from his hours outside and lightly freckled across his cheeks, down his square jaw, and onto his shoulders. His hands are calloused and his nails are blunt; he can’t stand to keep them long. Tobi is scarred and bruised with most of the damage centering around his hands and branching out from there.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Tobi wears the best clothes he could dig up from his house. He’s most typically seen in a large worn leather jacket, a hooded sweatshirt, cargo pants, thick steel-toed work boots, and a pair of gold wire framed reading glasses. His backpack is pretty new and rather nice, he just bought it. He keeps a large hunting knife hidden inside the backpack.

He’s trying to buy new clothes, but it’s slow going.


Personality/Attitude: Every moment of every day, Tobi looks as though he is suffering. His eyes and mouth naturally pull down into a tired frown, frightening off most. Past the rough exterior, he is remarkably calm and patient. He lives day to day as a tired optimist and while it’s not that hard to make him happy, it’s a challenge to get him to laugh.

Skills/Talents (Non-Mutation Related): Tobi is physically strong and patient, especially with younger children. Children and animals tend to gravitate towards and feel at ease near him.
He can also shoot the wings off a fly at 200 yards, throw a knife with uncanny accuracy, and sew repairs in all his clothes.

Favorites/Likes: Tobi loves open outdoor space, the sky at night, gentle breezes rustling through trees, homecooked meals, thick handmade quilts, and the twang of some homegrown bluegrass music.

Most Hated/Dislikes: Tobi despises small, enclosed spaces, he hates processed foods, and dislikes rooms without windows. He’s not too fond of anything too sweet and rich, heavy foods make him nauseous.  

Goals/Ambitions: He wants to become a paramedic specializing in forest search, rescue, and recovery

Strengths: Tobi is deeply protective of those under his care and will fight tooth and nail for them. He’s a kindhearted man with a weakness for small animals and children, and they in turn know that he’s a safe place to turn in times of trouble. He’s keen eyed and highly observant with a sense for when trouble’s about to brew.
Weaknesses: Tobi instinctively bends a little too easy under who he sees as authority figures. His Pa raised him to not question him, so Tobi at least listens even if it makes him bristle. He’s led more by emotions and instinct, and while his instinct is often spot on when it comes to the outdoors, it’s painfully lacking in the college environment. He also tends to hoard food and can be strangely blasé about important issues or problems.

Fears: Tobi is severely claustrophobic. Living in a dorm room is a struggle.
Hobbies/Interests: He enjoys early morning and late afternoon runs around the campus, competitive sports, hanging out in trees, indoor gardening

Philosophy of Life: It is what it is.

Religion/Beliefs: Tobi believes in himself and his sister. They’re very independent people.

Education/Special Training: His parents firmly believed in the Y2K apocalypse and did their best to prepare their children for the resulting dystopia. Tobi’s already sharp shooting skilled were honed to a chilling degree of accuracy, they learned basic first aid and survival skills, and other practical skills. He was taken out of formal school when he was 13 to move into an underground bunker with his family. A year later, when his parents reopened it and found out the apocalypse hadn't happened, he and sister returned to their educations, and he took an interest in med school.

Place/Type of Residence: He’s an RA with a slightly larger room on the third floor of one of the Freshman dorms

Major: PreMed
Academic Year: Sophomore


Mutation Abilities: Branching Senses: For a brief moment, he can become his environment. Tobi can connect his senses to the world around him to feel what the area feels, hear what the area hears, see what the area sees, etc. He gains an intimate knowledge of what is happening in that radius and if he concentrates hard enough, can manipulate an aspect of it. The range is limited though to only a couple miles, exponentially less if he’s trying to change something in it. He can get lost in it as well as have it easily overwhelm him if he tries to push too far out or change too much. It has a time limit of a couple minutes to a couple seconds depending on what he’s trying to do.

Mutation Physical Attributes: None.

First Mutant Manifestation: It was late evening and he was out with his Pa, hunting for food. They hadn’t caught anything all day, he was hungry, and his Pa had slowly been expressing more and more of his disappointment in him. Finally, he saw it: a large buck, about 400 yards downwind. He raised his rifle and took aim. As he did, the forest stilled as the world between him and that buck opened to him. The wind died down, the creatures quieted, and the buck raised its head and stared straight at Tobi, peering right into his rifle sights. He shot it cleanly though the eyes, then immediately vomited and passed out.

Training (If any): Nothing formal. He used it regularly when hunting and still uses it just casually to feel more connected with his environment. He’s only ever tried it on a macro scale.

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Character Information Empty Re: Character Information

on Tue Sep 04, 2018 7:59 pm

Name (& pronunciation): Winter Marta

Date of Birth (& age): December 21, 1990 (18 years old)

Place of Birth: Sitka, Alaska, USA

Gender: Female

Species/Racial Origin: Caucasian

Social Class/Community Status: Upper Middle Class

Language: English

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother, father, and two brothers, one older and one younger.

Physical Description

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 160 lbs

Hair: Short and slightly wavy white blonde hair (dyed to a deep purple with a lighter purple highlights) that is cut and styled to a bob with side bangs to her right.

Eyes: Lavender

Detailed Physical Description: Winter is a little under average height with some curves to her figure. She has a round face with a small nose and full lips that is almost always grinning. Her eyes are big and bright as if she has the most wonderful news to tell at all times. She is big chested and has wide hips which she used to her full advantage when it came to getting boys to do what she wanted. She has small sort of stubby fingers for her size and her feet are big for her height.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Typically extremely casual. Jeans, converse, and graphic tees of her favorite bands, TV shows, or just funny shirts she finds along with an Alaska Aces (hockey team) hoodie depending on the weather.  She likes to wear big hoop earrings and a simple golden locket from her grandmother. She always has her phone in hand or in her back pocket and rarely carries her backpack with her. Instead, she opts to carry everything in her arms.  


Personality/Attitude: Happy-go-lucky and an eternal optimist. She likes to talk and everything and nothing at all. She's very friendly and will strike up a conversation with anyone who wants to (or even doesn't want to) talk. Around her friends, she sarcastic and always cracking terrible puns and dad jokes.

Skills/Talents (Non-Mutation Related): She's pretty handy, able to do some mechanic work as well as basic plumbing and wiring for houses. She knows how to rough it in the wilderness, surviving off the land.

Favorites/Likes: Snow and all snow sports, especially hockey, camping, tinkering with things, breakfast foods, and hot chocolate.

Most Hated/Dislikes: Hot days, the beach, people who still haven't figured out how to drive when the weather is bad, homework, and spicy foods.

Goals/Ambitions: Wants to start an all mutant hockey league and maybe (just maybe) go to the Olympics!

Strengths: She's always looking for the silver lining. She's self confident and self motivated to get things done right the first time. She always has a smile on her face even in the toughest of times. She thrives under pressure and loves the spotlight.

Weaknesses: She can be a bit loud sometimes and often doesn't quite understand how people can be shy. She tends to talk back and be sometimes disrespectful to authority figures as her parents always taught her to stand up for herself no matter what.

Fears: She is deathly afraid of the dark as well as being alone for a long period of time.

Hobbies/Interests: Playing ice or field hockey, tinkering with cars, boats and other machinery, make up tutorials.

Philosophy of Life: Life's too short to do nothing.

Religion/Beliefs: Devout Christian

Education/Special Training: Private education. Learning about cars and how to fix them from her grandpa and learning how to build houses from her father. Lots and lots of hockey camps over the years.

Place/Type of Residence: Small single room in the freshman dorms.

Major: Business and Management
Academic Year: Freshman


Mutation Abilities: Winter has the ability to create glowing white orbs from her hands and have them float in the air or attach to any surface. She can manifest up to ten orbs at a time with sizes varying from a golf ball to a basketball. The less intense the glow, the longer she can maintain it.

Mutation Physical Attributes: Her purple eyes which glow slightly as she is using her powers. When she creates an orb, her hands will glow.

First Mutant Manifestation: When Winter was 12 years old, she was camping with her family. It was her first time camping in a tent and without a night light. After tossing and turning and shaking because she was too scared to sleep. Then suddenly, her hands glowed and she created her first glowing orb the size of a golf ball. She screamed, waking up her family who were shocked to see her eyes glowing and the strange light.

Training (If any): Extensive training and experimenting at nights when she couldn't sleep as she is afraid of the dark.
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Character Information Empty Re: Character Information

on Thu Oct 11, 2018 2:56 am
Name (& pronunciation): Jacob Oliver McKinley (Goes by Jake)

Date of Birth (& age): March 25th, 1988 (20)

Place of Birth: Cedar Falls, Iowa

Gender: Male

Species/Racial Origin: Human, Caucasian

Social Class/Community Status: Middle Class

Language: English

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mother, Father, 4 sisters, 3 brothers, and a slew of pocket pets at home- rats, hamsters, snakes, lizards, and a chinchilla

Physical Description

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 140 lbs

Hair: Coppery red curls that live in one swoop on the top of his head. Tapers down to the nape of his neck and ears. Unlike Tobi’s dense halo of hair, his curls are very defined and lightly coiled.

Eyes: Upturned kelly green with hazel flecks that always have a mischevious glint.

Limb Dexterity: Average at best. Not particularly strong or athletic.

Detailed Physical Description: Jake is a giant skeleton with an ever-present half smile. Even without his mutation, he looks gawky and awkward. His beak-like nose is slightly crooked from a break when he was in high school, and his lips are always curled in a half smile. Physically, he is pretty much skin and bone with no discernable body fat or muscle. His legs are long, giving him a high waisted appearance. His teeth are also just a touch crooked, but charmingly so.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Usually jeans and a t-shirt. Very basic styles and colors. Jake already stands out enough and he doesn’t need clothes to yell who he is. His personality does so already.


Personality/Attitude: Extroverted but selective of actual friends, quick to make a joke about anything that is going on and terribly self-deprecating are usually used to describe this mysterious Gumby-like kid. He’s generally positive about most things but is deeply insecure about his own self-image. He uses humor to deal with the fact that he thinks that he is less than those surrounding him. It’s very rare to see him without a smile, and he is always ready to offer support to others rather than helping himself. He’s always looking to change things for the better for others and hates when life stands still. He’d much rather have people laugh with him than at him.

Skills/Talents (Non-Mutation Related): Average writing skills, great with kids, good listener. Surprisingly a good cook even though he usually eats garbage

Favorites/Likes: Late night car rides, any type of food, cold drinks, karaoke, watching old stand-up specials, Monty Python, traveling to new places, taking risks, classic rock, girls that are way out of his league and any friends he picks up along the way.

Most Hated/Dislikes: Things being stagnant, passive aggressiveness, people discounting his select friend group, staying in one place for too long, and flying.

Goals/Ambitions: Jake just wants to live a long life with the people he loves. And money. Money would be great. He’s not particularly driven towards any part of life.

Strengths: Extremely friendly and likable, which helps offset his physical characteristics. He’s extremely supportive of his friends and family and will drop anything to help anyone (except himself) and also lets what others say roll off his back with ease.

Weaknesses: Not driven to anything with his life, massive inferiority complex, he constantly puts himself down, and, though he won’t admit it, he’s extremely hard on himself.

Fears: Being forgotten. And flying in an airplane.

Hobbies/Interests: Video games, comic books, stand-up comedy, making mix tapes, and going on random-ass “adventures”

Philosophy of Life: Make em’ laugh.

Religion/Beliefs: Comes from a Catholic family but is non-practicing. Interestingly enough, he uses philosophies and beliefs from many ancient religions and cultures that he has picked up during researching ancient symbology.

Education/Special Training: Catholic elementary school, public high school. Was a cub scout for a year and a half but quit because the den mother was awful at making snacks for the troop and when he pointed it out, she kicked him out. He was 8.

Place/Type of Residence: When not at school, Jake lives with his parents in Cedar Falls, Iowa. At school, he rents a small-ish apartment off campus. He also uses his minivan as his own personal camper- the back seat has a small mattress.

Major: Journalism

Academic Year: Sophmore


Mutation Abilities: Symbology manipulation. Since he was a child, he had strange symbols all over his body. Starting with his arms, trailing to his back and legs and, most recently, his neck and cheeks. If he knows the meaning of the symbols, he can use the elements that they represent. The only downside is that the symbol brands itself deeper, causing major pain and discomfort.

Mutation Physical Attributes: The symbols are dotted all over his body, with a grand total of 117 symbols on his person. New ones pop up randomly throughout the course of his life. They all look like they are branded into his skin and burn bright and deep when he uses his abilities.

First Mutant Manifestation: The symbols have always been there, but in 6th grade, he was learning about ancient Egypt and saw the symbol of the ankh and it’s meaning, and the picture matched the branded image on his left bicep. He felt the itch to speak the meaning aloud, and when he did, all of the dead plants in the classroom revitalized. Meanwhile, he was screaming on the floor in a crazy amount of pain.

Training (If any): His father, younger sister, and older brother are mutants as well and the four of them have helped hone in each other’s abilities, but Jake’s powers are kind of ‘what you see is what you get.’
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Character Information Empty Re: Character Information

on Fri Apr 19, 2019 12:42 am

Name (& pronunciation): Steve Jackson
Date of Birth (& age): April 24th, 1989
Place of Birth: Rachael, Nevada
Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Human, African American
Social Class/Community Status: Middle Class
Language: English
Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: Mom,Dad, many lizards, a sphinx cat named Kepler, and a Roomba lovingly referred to as Spirit

Physical Description

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 169 lbs

Hair: A stupid thick curly afro dyed pumpkin orange. He keeps it held back with headbands or tied back with whatever wire or string is closest.

Eyes: Wide, curious, and bright orange. He has glasses that he wears to prevent eye strain from computers.

Detailed Physical Description: See mutation.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Jeans, sweaters, and cardigans he's stolen from his dad, lots of saturated colors,anything with a Nasa logo on it. He's a sududed version of 70s fashion. Owns hardly any shoes, most of them sandals. His favorite sweater is a large baggy thing his parents got for him years ago, a white official Nasa sweatshirt that they had tie dyed rainbow together. It's soft, its warm, and it's his go to comfort hoodie.


Personality/Attitude: Energetic, Easy going, accepting, chatty

Skills/Talents (Non-Mutation Related): Highly intelligent, IQ upwards of 180. He's gifted in areas of technology and computers. Possesses near hair trigger reflexes and an amazing capacity to learn, but only when he finds the subject interesting. He's also really good at fighting games.

Favorites/Likes: Space, lizards, his cat, music (soul, funk, soft pop, and 70's classics) dancing, instant ramen, the beauty of a well-maintained server, the Roomba he fixed that vacuums his floors, veggies

Most Hated/Dislikes: The cold

Goals/Ambitions: To work for Nasa and go to space just like his mom

Strengths: Intelligent, easy going personality, ability to take criticism, openness to new ideas, able to take a punch pretty well.

Weaknesses: Limited life experience, tendency for isolation, workaholic, gets lost in projects

Fears: Not living up to his own expectations, being a disappointment to people he admires

Hobbies/Interests: Video games, various clubs on campus (Stage crew, GSA, Robotics club), D&D, bar trivia nights

Philosophy of Life: Knowledge is power, sleep is for the weak

Religion/Beliefs: Science!

Education/Special Training: Comes from a math and science family and grew up learning from his mom and dad. HE's mostly self taught, learning everything from either trial and error, books, or practical experience with his parents.

Place/Type of Residence: Apartment off campus/ the basement labs of the computer science buildings

Major: Computer Science/ Electrical engineering

Academic Year: Senior


Mutation Abilities: It's a physical mutation that offers increased speed, durability, and lizardness though he is extremely sensitive to the cold.

Mutation Physical Attributes: Steve has a lizard's physiology. His skin is a bright green and flecked with scales while his ears have been replaced with three long antennae that don't have anything to do with his hearing. His actual ears are circular indents on his neck that confuse the hell out of people when he wears headphones. His spine slopes into a long prehensile tail and his feet and hands end in sharp black claws.

First Mutant Manifestation: When he was first born, though he grew more into it as he aged.

Training (If any): None, he just kinda lives with it.

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